On the Table: ACES Rules and Photos

Here are the rules for those interested in the game I've created.  It's built for simplicity and ease of play. I was more interested in keeping the instructions to a single page than making deep and involved rules.  More a kids game than a hardcore tabletop game!  There is still enough depth of strategy to keep things interesting.  It's also easily expandable so in the future, should I find reason to create expansions for the base game, it won't be an issue!  I'll also get the game pieces scanned and will post them here for those who want to give it a go. 

ACES is a game of air to air combat pitting opponents against each other in a vicious fight for control of the skies. 

1.       CHOOSE SIDES – Will you fight for the glory of the Motherland or take up arms in defense of your way of life?  One side takes Red, One side takes Blue.
2.      CREATE THE AIRSPACE – Set up the battlefield by laying the tiles to create a rectangle. 
3.      DEPLOY – Each side deploys along a short edge, place your aircraft as you see fit along the board edge.
4.      ROLL OFF – To see who goes first, each side rolls a die, the side with the higher roll goes first.
5.      FIGHT! – See below for the turn sequence and victory conditions
I.                   ROLL – To start your turn, roll 2 Dice, this will determine the distance you can move or shoot this turn.
II.                MOVE or SHOOT – You may move or shoot with a single aircraft, the distance of both is determined by the roll you made at the beginning of your turn.  Declare which you will do before moving or shooting.
a.      To MOVE, move your aircraft into an adjacent square, the higher you roll, the more squares you may move.  You may move in any direction.  Face your aircraft in any direction after you are finished moving.
b.      To SHOOT, count out squares directly in front of your aircraft in the direction of the enemy aircraft, if they are within range, you have taken a shot.  Roll a Die and on a 4, 5, or 6 you have shot the enemy aircraft from the sky.
III.             END OF TURN – Your turn is complete. it is now your Opponents turn.
VICTORY!  - Once all of your opponents aircraft are shot for the sky, you have won!

Feel free to leave comments and questions, I'd love to shore up any areas that need it and will edit as necessary should an appropriate change need to be made! Expect scans in the near future. Stay tuned!

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