On the Table: ACES

So as some may know, I'm currently attending classes to attain an Art degree, this is my first year, and am taking a lot of basic courses for my foundation.  My last project for Two-Dimensional Design was to create a game.  Here is what I came up with:

I made extensive use of my airbrush and learned a good amount about the importance of stencils this early on when working on a flat surface.

The box was a $5 wooden cigar box I found in the unfinished section at the local crafts shop.

Overall, I'm really happy with how everything came out.  It was a great exercise in airbrush use and it really sped the entire project up.  The only things not airbrushed were the latitude/longitude lines which were applied using a sharpie thin point marker.

Play is about as simple as I could make it for a single page of text instructions.  It allows for a bit of strategic depth without getting cumbersome and slowing down the game, while also allowing for expansion rules to easily integrate.  

I hope to get some of the things I've learned from this into a tips and tutorials for the future!  

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