On The Table: Aircraft Carrier and Angels Sanguine

I wasn't lying.

It's random, but it's fun.  I picked up a wood puzzle at Micheal's about two weeks back and had a day of assembling it about a week ago.  Still a bit to go on the Carrier proper, but a ton of little aircraft to throw some paint on with the airbrush.  Nothing too serious, just a bunch of airbrush work.  
I've finally started painting my Space Hulk terminators as well.  Angels Sanguine has always been my favorite Blood Angels color scheme and I've had a good time with this guy so far.  All of the above I did in one sitting.  Red was a cinch with the airbrush.  I went back in with washes (greens and browns) to add depth.  The black was done by hand and actually doesn't use much true black at all, it's all very dark greys and some black washes.  A lot of stuff to do still, but I think he's looking pretty good so far.  Oh and the base?  He's magnetized.  Just picked up the Blood Angels Codex to see what if any plans I might have for these guys when they're all done! 

Hopefully you'll see more from me as I find some free time once classes are over!  Keep painting, learn new things, and if you've got an idea for something you would like to see us cover, send us a line at ThePaintingCorps@gmail.com! 

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  1. how did you airbrush the red and not get it on the black area? or did you just paint the red fairly willy nilly and then paint the black over top of it?