500 Scavenger Hunt Winner!

We've randomly selected the winner of our 500 Scavenger Hunt, and it just so happened to be the very first entry we received! Congratulations to Robert B. of Texas on his new High Elf Lord on Dragon!

Here is the list of answers for the clues:

1. Stone Walls Tutorial
2. Friday Quick Tip: Paper Tarps
3. How To: Simple Wet Palette
4. Friday Quick Tip: Perfecting Primer
5. Friday Quick Tip: Painting Battle Damage

To everyone who participated, I hope you had fun figuring it all out and maybe even found a few articles you might not have seen in the process! We'll definitely do this again for a future contest, maybe with more cryptic clues though!

On with the next 500 followers and the next few years of tips tricks and ideas for and from the community at large. Thanks to everyone who reads The Painting Corps, you're what keeps us going. Now, what to post for a Friday Quick Tip...?