On the Table: Sicarius

I had considered this piece pretty well finished when I first posted it to my DakkaDakka project log, but after some feedback I've decided he still requires some additional work in a few areas, namely another level of highlights and a little rework on the metallics.  The additional work shouldn't take terribly long to finish, but really should have been done in the first place.  So back to the painting table he goes for another night.

The model isn't all that hard to paint in my opinion.  Some might consider him covered in detail work that would require a lot of tedious brush work, but in truth you really can simplify these down to washed metallic and keep all of the details alive and vibrant.  The biggest issue I've run into so far is the inside of the cloak that is actually quite hard to reach when the model is assembled and based before paint.  Most everything else has felt quite straight forward.  Here's hoping the touch up work goes just as well.

For those who are looking to see more of our past projects, check out the previous On The Table and Reinforcements articles.  Stay tuned for a Reinforcements piece on Mr. Sicarius.