On The Table: Sicarius

I had already planned to paint up this Sicarius model once my Angels Sanguine Terminators were done.  After seeing Ron's fantastic version, I'm definitely inspired to get him painted up.  This piece is for a good friend of mine as part of a collection of character models I've been working on for him.  He'll be standard Ultramarines colors, I know it's not exactly exciting for many, but the model is really neat, and I've not painted the scheme in a while so it will be a fun little break.

If you want to see the other models I've done for him check out the links below:

Ultramarines Terminator Chaplain
Ultramarines Scout Sergeant Telion
Ultramarines Chaplain Cassius

I'll be taking photos along the way, so we'll see what sort of tips come from painting this one!  Stay tuned!

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