Friday Quick Tip: Don't Drink and Paint

This New Years Eve, take some advice from one who's been there before, should you find yourself wondering if you can actually paint models in an inebriated state, let that thought go!  But, if you are really just that determined, here are some things to consider before you go into that dark night with your paints and brush.

1.) Do your modeling work BEFORE the 'night' begins in earnest.  There's no reason to be working with a hobby knife when you're three sheets to the wind! 

2.) Limit your colors!  You'll be more inclined to try and work with more colors than you would have otherwise thought to use in your uninhibited state.  The last thing you want is your new marine model to look like a circus freak!  That is, unless you're looking to create a Carnival of Chaos marine...

3.) Keep your drink cup away from the paint table!  The chances of accidentally drinking your paint water instead of that soothing rotgut go up exponentially with each reach for refreshment.  Your liver is already having a hard enough time coping with your indiscriminate abuse, the acrylic bomb might just be the one thing it was looking for to give up on you and send you packing off for an ER trip!

4.) Let your eyes settle before putting the brush to the model.  You're likely seeing double, so waiting for the two models to calm down, you'll be able to pick which one you want to paint 'first'. 

5.) At the end of the night, try not to pass out at the paint table.  If you're looking to save that paint for future uses, your best bet is to blackout away from your painting station!  That and there will likely be someone waiting for you to pass out near it anyways so they can go all 'college humor' on your face with those same paints and brushes!  And should you go face down on the table, expect someone to post a wonderful photo of your newly decorated features all around the internet, including that forum you like to frequent that was left up on your laptop as you tried to glean some tips! 

I hope everyone has a happy New Year.  Enjoy your celebrations, be safe, and don't do anything we wouldn't do :).  Here's to a good year full of modeling, painting, and creative endeavors.  Salute!