Open Discussion: Backlogs

I've been playing tabletop wargames for over a decade now.  In my hobby 'travels' I've started, stopped, reworked, continued to work on, and just completely forget about projects, armies, and one offs with casual ease.  Through that near criminal neglect, I've established quite a backlog of miniatures that likely won't see the light of my painting table for near another decade. 

There are models in boxes, in cases, on sprues, in the shrink wrap, floating loose in a plastic containers.  Some clipped from sprues and sorted into sorting bits boxes.  The various projects strewn throughout my hobby room spaces, which itself can at times be a whirlwind of random placement and boxes. 

With all of these models, I rarely have to make a purchase for my wargaming needs.  Most of my new models coming from doing friendly commissions or winning something at random which I seem to have a good amount of luck with.  When I'm in the mood for something different, I switch gears, find some inspiration and dig through those stacks of models to find something that will keep the spark of creativity alive. 

My 'hobby A.D.D' likely contributes to my backlog, but I can't help but wonder how other modelers and painters deal with their own laundry list of projects, or are you a one project type?  Have a particularly large backlog of purchases?  Share your story!