Field Report: Desert Dunes

I've been watching a series of articles over on LUDstuff! for a few days now and every update has been progressively more and more impressive.  Originally, I couldn't help but think the size and scale would hurt the final look of the project, but as it progressed I found myself more intrigued by the results.  The final photo above shows my worries were completely unfounded, as the individual pieces fit together near seamlessly. 

If you're looking for a neat, new way of creating some rocky outcroppings or, as is the case here, desert dunes be sure to check out what Warren has put together in this series:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

And to those of you looking to build a river set, stay tuned to LUDstuff! in the coming days as Warren is also hard at work creating a river system as well! 

I'm fully intending to create a table with a desert theme, but barren landscapes are the last thing that interest me. Anyone have any good desert terrain links they would like to share? Leave a comment!  And be sure to give Warren some love for his awesome project!