On The Table: Space Wolves WIP II

The past week has seen solid progress on my Space Wolves 500 point army.  The weekend found me away from the painting table far more often than I was able to sit down to it.  Overall I only think I was able to find an hour or two to put brush to models, but last week was so successful that I couldn't be too upset!  It also helps that it was my birthday weekend and that I got to celebrate it with my lovely wife! 

All of the models have started catching detailing work as of late last week.  The metallic bits were all blacked out.  Pelts and tails have been painted Codex Grey and washed with Devlin Mud.  Shoulders have been base colored according to the pack colors and Great Company. 

There are three packs at the moment, and each will get the proper colors.  The Blood Claws will be Yellow and Red, the Grey Hunters will get Red and Black, and the Wolf Guard will be Yellow and Black.  The design will likely be similar to what GW has done with segmented triangles to create the design.  I'm going to be painting the Great Company shoulder pads yellow and using Ragnar Blackmane's symbols. 

I've started painting the metallic spots slowly this weekend, but thanks to the nature of detail work, it does take a good amount of time to get everything painted on each model.  I'm using Mithril Silver as my metallic color for the wolves, but this will be washed down with Badab Black, Devlin Mud and Gryphonne Sepia as the spots dictate.  Using Mithril Silver will allow my golds to be nice and bright and can be easily washed down for darker metallics. 

I also went through and dug out my collection of Space Wolves transfer sheets late last night.  I don't know how much of these I'll end up using, but at the very least having the Great Company badge will be helpful.  I was a little surprised as how many of these I've been able to collect having never actually started a Space Wolves army before!

This week will be a flurry of painting if I'm lucky.  I fully intend on having at least 500 points finished for next weekend, so stay with me and I hope to share images of them as a Reinforcements update in the near future!