Finished Display Board

While running around my local craft store, I decided to pick up a board to make a display board at long last.  After my latest gaming endeavor at Showcase Comics a few weeks back, I began to realize I needed something for my army to post up on and to help move around from table to table. 

I wanted to use this little display board as a test bed for the type of hills/cliffs I am considering using to create full on table project.  The main idea was to do a sandstone/limestone style hill side that wouldn't take a ton of time to create but still looked the part.  I put together a little step by step on how I got the effect that you can read up on here

I airbrushed, washed with pigments, sealed, and then painted board.  The striations that were roughly modeled were reinforced by painting lines along the ridges to help them stick out, and other flatter areas were just painted with lines to create depth that isn't even there.  I used a few different pigments from Secret Weapon to get a little variation in the ground work.  Once all of it was dry and done, I applied the static grass, the same type as my Sons of Medusa

When I was starting to work with this board, I did have a little apprehension about just how many models I would be able to get on the thing.  But thanks to a little forethought, I had plenty of space in just the right spots for certain vehicles.  There were also some happy 'accidents' with how large some areas ended up and allowed for much larger models than intended (see: the top hill!).  In the end this little beast holds the entirety of my Sons of Medusa army, and gives me a great backdrop to take photos of new models on.

I am pretty happy with how it came out in the end, and glad it didn't eat up a ton of time as well.  I'm also quite pleased with the way the hills painted up and will definitely be using the techniques used here on what I hope ends up in a full blown table by summer!