On The Table: New Sons

The winds of inspiration are fickle at best.  I never know what is going to catch my eye and just what project I'll be working on from week to week.  As many of you might have come to expect from my work here on TPC, I'm in the midst of a project shift from the Space Wolves to my Sons of Medusa. 

I've had these models floating around almost since I started working on the army.  The majority are just wargear options for squads, but then there are the Terminators that are going to be an entirely new and important unit for my force.  Some of the models are ready for paint, where some need additional modeling.  The Terminators are missing shoulder pads that I need to order still.

In the background you can see another big piece to the battle puzzle in the form of a Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer.  I'm really excited to get that kit together, and will likely magnetize the weaponry on it as well.  I'm sure it will be some time before getting all of this finished, but we'll see what I end up working on! 

What would you like to see from this lot?  I'm always open to suggestions and like to work on things that others like to see.