On The Table: Missle Launcher

One of my favorite weapons in Warhammer 40,000 is the missile launcher.  It's versatility and cheap cost make it one of the best bang for your buck weapons, that I felt odd not having any in my Sons of Medusa army!  When I originally set the force up, it was with the intent of facing other heavily armored and armed Space Marine armies in the Badab War, and thus I went with a lot of melta weaponry to counter those threats for next to nothing in points.

Now that I've come back around to the Sons, I decided it was time to paint up a few of the wargear options I had laying around to give me a little more flexibility in what I take from conflict to conflict.  The majority of the options I have are from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set that weren't a part of the original set of squads.

I had almost forgotten just how long it takes to paint models for this army.  GW's Scorpion Green is definitely not a color for the feint of heart.  It takes a lot of dedication to paint even a single model in this color, and that's just getting the base color down.  I'm also hard up for some more paint at the moment as well, as my black is completely watered down now, and I'm out of Bestial Brown and Snakebite Leather!  I'm pretty certain there are other colors I've gone through as well that I'll need.  Here's to a trip by the shop for some more paint and hopefully I can resist picking up $150+ worth of Badab War books...

I'm all about the Badab War right now.  I've even gone back through the backlog and added a Badab War tag to all appropriate entries!  I hope to add a little more on the conflict and even feature more of my army here on The Painting Corps as well.  Anyone got a Badab army they want to share?  Leave a comment!