Ask the Corps: Alpha Legion

Alpha Legion is a bit of a 'cult' favorite for many who play Warhammer 40k or simply like the back story of the game.  They're mysterious and intriguing with a striking color scheme that instantly attracts your eye.  We got this email from a reader before Airbrush week and now we're going through the backlog getting to the submissions! 

Jason writes:
I was wondering if you could suggest how I could paint some Alpha Legionaries using the colour scheme shown in the picture.

The contrast between dark and bright turquoise has me particularly worried. I've read up on some of your rusting/weather techniques can I get a similar result (to the pic) with those weathering techniques?

Thanks for reading, any help greatly appreciated :)

The colors are complex and the weathering even more so.  How would you go about painting this scheme for the Alpha Legionnaires?  What techniques would you suggest to get a color similar to the Ancient Vasoudaeva by Yellow one