Field Report: Hardboard Panel Terrain Basing

Hardboard Panels

This was a handy little nugget I picked up from a friend, BDub, on the Austin community forum. I've always been a proponent of basing terrain pieces on a piece of hard board, in my case I always cut up a big 2'x4' piece of MDF into smaller pieces. With these hardboards, I believe I'll save a lot of time when it comes to city scape basing. That's not to say you're left out if you're not planning a city table, by picking out an appropriately sized piece and then cutting down you'll be saved some time and hassle as well for your organic shapes.

Hardboard Panels
come in a variety of sizes from 6"x6" squares to 24"x30" rectangular boards. After seeing the sizes, I immediately thought to making a nice modular styled table that wouldn't be too overweight from using thicker boards. This set is only 1/8" thick, but there are other, thicker variants for those looking for a bit more heft in your project.

I know I'll be picking up a slew of these when I get started on my next terrain table.  I love finding little product tips like this.  I hope this helps a few of you out there on your next terrain or diorama project, and once I've got a few in hand you can expect I'll be throwing up a small review on the particulars of them!