Friday Quick Tip: Your Favorite Tips

It's been a rough week for us here at TPC, Realgenius has been busting his hump getting terrain built and preparing for WAR Games Con the last few weeks, and I've been knee deep in an art history book gleaning what I can about renaissance and baroque art!  This has left little time for us here to get tips together and even work on our projects, which let's face it, have fed our want for sharable tips! 

So I'm giving it over to everyone else.  What's the best tip you've picked up over your painting and modeling career?  I'm thinking full spectrum here, from basic to advanced.  Something that flipped a switch for your painting style, made your modeling skills jump exponentially, or just some knowledge that everyone should know!  Share a link, or just a quick run down!

If you've got ideas for tips you want to see covered on TPC, shoot us an email at ThePaintingCorps@gmail.com!