Friday Quick Tip: Airbrushing Even Base Color Video

The fifth in our continuing series on airbrushing:

How many times have you seen this?  You just got back into your hobby room, you thought you had a nice even coat, but because you couldn't manipulate the model too much you couldn't see all of the underlying spots that didn't catch any of the paint! 

You could just slop the paint into the crevices, but even a watered down coat can give you fits in terms of evenness.  Since getting my airbrush, I have made short work of these spots by using the airbrush to reach deep and kept the base coat nice and even. 

This is how I go about adding an actual base color to my models, not just typical 'primer' colors.  If a model is predominately going to be blue, red, green, what have you, I'll spray the model that color and pick out the rest with a brush.  Or if you want to get crazy, mask things off and spray various colors for a nice smooth coat. 

There are a few small tips within the tip as to typical airbrush use and practices.  Drying areas with just air (dual action users only!), quick bursts, keeping the brush moving, etc.  This is a good way to get used to your airbrush without worrying too much about ruining your model.  I highly suggest this as a good starting point for any new users. 

What other basic airbrush uses are there for new users to test out their new equipment?  Have a good drill or simple but effective method for models that even the newest user could work with?  Let's hear it!