On The Table: Khorne Lord on Juggernaut

This really seems to be the norm for me now.  I take an old model that I haven't found time for and do something with it for a tip, this in turn sparks my interest in the piece again and I continue the work on it soon after the tip goes live!

I broke out my airbrush and got to work on the big bad Khorne Lord I used to show off my base coating technique and did a bit more playing with color along the lines of airbrushed highlighting.  In some spots it was more effective than others, but nothing I can't go back in and touch up with a few glazes.

From here I'll go back to brush and pick out details and final highlighting for the Juggernaut, while the Lord himself will catch a wash or two along with some regular highlighting done with a brush. A lot to do, but so far, I'm happy with the results.

Working on anything cool lately?  Have any new experiences with your airbrush?  Want to just critique the Juggernaut?  Leave a comment!