On The Table: Old School Rune Priest

Well, affirming that I can never stay with a single project any longer, I've dug in on a new model that just happened to catch my eye a few days ago.  This Space Wolves Rune Priest is from the way back days of 2nd Edition and comes from the collection of old wolf models my friend handed over to me when he stepped away from the hobby. 

There was just something about seeing it in my cases after getting the Wolf Scouts finished up that made me want to give him some table time.  I rummaged through my bases and found a 40mm that I had in resin, unfortunately the base was pre-modeled with details I couldn't use, so I just sanded the top down and pinned the chunk of metal that is an old school terminator to it! 

The paint is following my basic scheme for them so far, with the runes being the only real hurdle of thought.  I had considered going with gold for them, but after getting the other gold sections down, and seeing the cool blue/silver that has come from the Mithril Silver being surrounded by all of that Shadow Grey tone, I'm quite happy with how it's looking.  I did give them a quick hit of Badab Black to give them a little additional depth though. 

Still a bunch of detail work and a little more washing and metallics work to go.  I'm expecting to have this guy finished in short order, so stay tuned for more random modeling and painting projects and the final photos of this and other models as I get them done.  Not to mention the tips and ideas that come from them!