Reinforcements: Eldar

In an effort to get myself to work on more models for the army some day, I thought I'd take today and post some models that haven't graced the pages of TPC, but were posted on the now defunct sister blog Reinforcements.  My Eldar have been put aside for a few different armies and projects over the past year, but they area always on my mind when I'm looking around my hobby room trying to see what sparks my interest. 

The army is loosely based around the Ulthwe color scheme.  Instead of grey highlighting I decided I would use shadow grey as the main highlight hue and Space Wolves Grey used sparingly as a secondary highlight.  The result is a bluish black and that is easy and fast to paint and looks good on the table.  Overall the entire scheme is purely for tabletop and ease of paint.  The biggest hurdle being the bone color that does eat up a little time, but I have an easy enough method for taking care of that on a dark base color. 

I'll be using a lot of recycled minis from a friends old force that I picked up in trade for a paint job.  The biggest hurdle is piecing the models together to get enough models that I field as an army.  As always, I'm not terribly concerned how they play out on the battlefield, but more that I can actually take a legal force!  Once I've finished enough to play with them, I'll worry about adding more effective units. 

The biggest thing I'll need to pick up is likely a few more guardian models.  To give you an idea of how sparse they are in the collection, this is one of the only guardian models I've modeled for the force so far.  I have yet to really dig through and see just what I have on hand though, so we'll see what if anything I need to buy.  Here's hoping I can scrounge enough together that I keep the costs down.

For those wondering how I'm going about the paint in a little more depth, I've posted a rather extensive run down for the colors in a Reinforcements for my Warp Spider Exarch

There is a big need on my part to break from the power armor in the near future.  The big question is whether it will be Eldar, Orks, or Tyranids.  I'm not sure yet, but the want to try my hand at something else again is creeping up, and I have plenty of models on hand that can fill that need.