Reinforcements: Wolf Scouts

Never content with a single project, I found myself drawn from my Angels Sanguine to my Space Wolves once again.  This time around, the scouts found the painting table.  Some of you might remember I actually started these guys some time ago, only getting so far as their armor and cloth, but as always, I quickly became bored and moved on, leaving these guys to sit in the case waiting their turn.  But thanks to some burn out on my latest army project, I caught a glimpse of these guys and decided to give them a go to help break up the monotony. 

The models follow the color scheme I have already laid out previously down to the smallest details.  I believe the only thing I had to consider new with these guys were the krak grenades which I used a heavy Devlan Mud wash over a GW Chainmail base.  That little color idea I stole from my Angels Sanguine squads. 

The amount of personalized detailing on each member of this squad really helped to break things up, but also helped to slow down the progress considerably.  Every time I thought I was finished with a color or detail type, I found a new bit that I hadn't noticed before and found myself doing this with nearly every color!  A project that I thought would take a single day to finish up, stretched out to two.  But it was these very details that really keep the painting process entertaining and engaging to the end.  The models really have a lot of character, the variety in sculpts helps with that as well, with some of them coming from 3rd edition and others from later.  No plastic here though, and there never will be as I have plenty of old models in my collection to fill in any gaps I might have game-wise. 

A little variety in the hair colors also helped to break them up, but also helped tack on additional time to the project.  It's an important change up though, and one that you should always make use of when working with a lot of bare headed models.  It's possible to batch paint this though given a large enough group.  Just set what you're going for ahead of time and plan out the colors. 

I can't say how much more effective this unit will make my force in the end though.  It's still very high cost, low model count and likely needs additional units to get out of the gate right.  The army so far is all shown together in the photo above and comes in right around 674 points with just weapon upgrades taken into account.  It might not be running away with any games I play, but at least they'll look great getting their faces pounded into the dirt!

This was a great diversion at a time I really needed one!  I highly suggest you make use of a secondary project that could help break the wall for you and get progress on something instead of nothing!