Roll Call: TGN Fundraiser

Tabletop Gaming News has been one of those sites that's really broadened my wargaming and modeling horizons over the years.  I check it constantly throughout the day waiting for the latest and greatest news to come from miniature companies around the world from the very smallest bits provider to the juggernauts of the industry.  The service they provide is invaluable to me and I suspect many around the internet.  This is where we all come in.  TGN is running a fundraiser right now to help support and expand the site, providing more of the greatness we've all enjoyed for so long, free of charge.  The best part?  They have a ton of great sponsors pitching in to help out! 

So head over to their fundraiser page to give back to a great group of guys and a service that you know you'll be using for many years to come!  If this is your first time seeing TGN, you've been left out for far too long!  As one day without them is one too many!  Give what you can and you might come away with something cool for doing something good! 

I can't express how much I love that site and what they do!  In fact I have to say I was half inspired to create this blog based on how well TGN worked!  Much thanks to Zac and crew!