On The Table: Angels Sanguine

As I mentioned in last weeks tip on painting yellow, I've gotten a good amount of work done on my Angels Sanguine Assault Squads over the past week.  The last time I posted about them, they were just bases, now they've begun to come into their own with their armored bits all finished, and details started.  But as everyone knows, this is when things start to get bogged down in batch painting.  Progress will be much slower to come by and that sense of accomplishment after finishing one models stage is quickly diminished when you look up and see another 7 or 8 models staring back at you.

Metallic paint is going down right now having just finished blacking out all of the details.  As you can see I'm painting it on opaque, but I'll be going back in with heavy washes to add variations and shading.  This stage will take care of the majority of the details on them, but will take me some serious time to finish.  I do have confidence I'll be able to make some good headway this week though.

Once the metals are laid down and finished, I'll still have eyes, gems, power weapons, purity seals, and assorted other details to take care of before I finally get to finish the bases off using weathering powders and a hit of Boltgun Metal.  So far though, I'm extremely happy with how quickly this force has come together and can't wait to field it.

Got a question on how I did something?  Just ask in the comments section and I'll get back to you!  See something that would make a great tip?  Do the same,  I love taking tips from the projects I'm currently working on.