Open Discussion: The Army Painting Wall

Anyone who has painted, is in the process of painting, or just has painting an army on their mind knows just how hard it can be to get one finished.  It's hard to pin down just what it is that soaks up your motivation, but it always seems to happen.  The latest and hottest army release might have sparked all sorts of inspiration, research and planning, but once you're knee deep in the muck of it, your painting table starts to feel stagnant, the army in front of you in various stages of completion are no longer that super cool awesome force you saw months before on the internet.  How you get over that hump is always different from project to project and getting over it when it's your very first army is one of the most important things you'll ever accomplish in your hobby career! 

So how do you get through it?  It's not something that everyone can agree on how to go about, and it's going to haunt you every time you go forward, but 'the wall' has to be climbed if you're ever going to have a finished force to field.  Do you dig through the internet for some added pointers?  Go back through the army book a few more times to build your interest again?  Let them simmer on the back burner for a while as you paint something entirely different?  Play some games?  Get set up for a tournament? 

Your methods will vary and it's from those that everyone else can learn about a new way to slog through and get things done.  So, how do you get over the wall?