On The Table: Sanguinor and Friends

I've decided that fighting my hobby ADD by forcing myself to focus on a single model, or project no longer suits me.  The butterfly that is my wargaming side is never completely settled on any one army and I always long to just do a little work here and there on everything else, be it modeling or painting or a random terrain project.  There are so many great models in my collection that I just can't help but let whatever ends up catching my eye in the hobby room make it to the table for at least a little work. 

Thankfully, the first model to catch my interest was part of my current army build!  The Sanguinor has sat patiently to the side of my hobby mat for the last couple of weeks after being a complete pain to model up.  I was fed up with him by the time I had him primed, mostly due to a bad no pin decision early on, and had to cool off.  Then a couple of days ago I found myself drawn to looking at the model and planning out a few things in my head, leading to a quick, yet late night, paint sitting to cover him in GW Chainmail.  The next morning I was up quite early and was heading to get a game or two in against DakkaDakka Swap Mod Jin later that day.  I sat down and what you see above spilled out. 

I highlighted the Chainmail with GW Mithril Silver before giving him a wash of GW Gryphonne Sepia.  Once dry, I went back in and highlighted once more with Mithril Silver.  I'm still considering going back over one more time with Gryphonne Sepia to add a touch more depth but it might just be a selective pass so I'm not going back once again with Mithril to touch up the raised spots.  The wings went rather easily as I just washed with watered down GW Fortress Grey and cleaned up with GW Skull White.  White primer coat won me over a little there!

The metals on the assault squads are going slowly, but I've decided to pretty much complete the metals on each marine to a heavy wash with all variations before moving on to the next model.  It slows me down some, but I feel more accomplished with each model and can keep momentum going for longer stretches, instead of getting disheartened by the bare metal look. 

I was able to get a game in with these guys against Jin, him being a Fantasy player he used my Sons of Medusa, and they made quite a mess of things very quickly.  The Sanguinor boosting everyone's ability and the weapon choices making short work of the opposing sides strengths.  So far, I really enjoy the way it plays, and how it performs on the most basic of games.  I am looking forward to getting a fully painted game in with them soon!  Photos will definitely happen when I do. 

Still a LOT of work to go, but I believe my new approach will help see this army finished with a lot of cool stuff on the side to share and learn from.  Stay tuned for more randomly focused modeling and hopefully more Reinforcements!