Field Report: Majortom11 Zenithal Airbrushing

DakkaDakka.com member MajorTom11 recently posted A Full Breakdown on how to use an airbrush to help you achieve dynamic lighting effects on your models.  Step by step directions with great diagram break downs of the techniques described make it easy to follow with depth that many similar walk-through articles around the web seem to lack much of the time. 

If you're still on the ropes about airbrushing or even how to approach it, you should definitely check out our Airbrushing Tag for a lot of great links and even a little of our own thoughts on it's uses for miniatures! 

There are so many applications for this great tool and it's wonderful to see it finally breaking into the wargaming community at large after seeing it for so many years on the fine scale modeler scene!  Read, learn, try it yourself!