Open Discussion: Least Favorite Color

That's right, I want to know your least favorite color...to paint that is!  We've all got them and even after a bunch of years in the hobby, it's still a painful prospect to pop open that pot of poison.

It's a bitter prospect at best for myself when I have a model that requires a significant amount of bright yellow.  Sunburst Yellow is one of my all time hatreds within the GW paint line and for good reason.  The paint is easily one of the thinnest and least pigmented I've had the displeasure of using.  The coverage is horrendously uneven and even in a highlighting situation it's near useless!  All of these compound significantly when working to create a color scheme that uses this vibrant warm yellow as the predominant hue.  There are few colors I hate even a fraction as much and I suspect that will stand the test of time as I continue my hobby career!

So what's your least favorite color to paint?  Which gives you a fit every time you consider painting with it?  Find any great work around methods over the years to make things a touch simpler and help to keep the blood pressure down?  Share your stories!