On The Table: Brother Captain Proetus

I shared the preliminary WIP of Proetus, my Lysander count as, earlier on TPC along with some other new Sons of Medusa units.  Since that post, I've been able to get some additional work done and got the trades in that I was waiting on for the proper wargear!  The result, a strong and dynamic feeling model ready for paint!

As you can see I changed up his chest shield for a smaller, sculpted one.  The new shield just works better in every way.  It's more functional, better looking, with a better surface for freehand.

I figured I would share a paint WIP as well since he's already knee deep into the armor painting steps.  I'm still highlighting right now, but I'm just about half way done with that and will be moving on to painting the battle damage next.  For those that are looking to find out more on how I paint the Sons of Medusa scheme, stay tuned as I'm looking to share my methods in a step by step soon.  Proetus will give me a good base to work from, but I'll likely wait until I get to work on a standard troop before I set up the photo booth.

This model is easily the most converted and green stuff sculpted that I've worked on so far.  It's been a really fun project so far and can't wait to get him on the battlefield this coming weekend!