Campaign Ops: Rocky Planets I

Our friend Pesmerga has been working on new planets again and with that comes new additions to what will continue to be a running series of new campaign supplements here on The Painting Corps.  The newest planet is a rocky heap, one that is just right for a mining operation or a far flung cold dead planetary body in the far reaches of the solar system.  With six colors, this set makes itself viable for a variety of roles within your campaigns. 

The files are available in JPG, PSD, and a ZIP to download them all.  This set is a good starter for those wanting to edit the planets for various other uses.  Those of you without a lot of photo editor knowledge, don't fret, we've got more planet packs planned for future releases! 

To download Rocky Planet 1, just follow this link!

Be sure to get check the Campaign Ops tag for the other planet set!  I hope these find those of you in the middle of creating a campaign well!  And if you've got any good ideas for other useful campaign basics, please feel free to share!