Field Report: Storm Eagles Army Profile

Since I posted a look at my own army yesterday, I thought I would direct the community to one of those armies that helped inspire me over the years.  Grimteef has always been a source of inspiration for me, and his work always touches on a note of subtly or goes over the top with incredible detail.  With his Storm Eagles army, it's all about the colors subtly playing off each other to build a beautiful composition with each model.  So where can you get a good look at his army you ask?  What corner of the internet could such a wealth of imagery be held?  Why, in the DakkaDakka.com Army Profiles article section of course!  Head over to Grimteef's Storm Eagles army profile for a bunch more photos of this fantastic army.

The Army Profiles section on Dakka holds a lot of great work.  If you're looking for inspiration on a new force, it's a good spot to stop by and browse!