On The Table: Terminators and More

Just a small update on the Terminators from earlier this week today. Not a ton of work done, but I think showing additional WIP shots helps keep me motivated as well as show how the added details turned out in terms of smoothness and integration to the models.  Plus I get to share a 'little' hint at what the next project will be once these bad boys are off the hobby table.

The bases were done as per usual with just some simple sand/ballast/rock mix, with one getting an addition of some Razor Wire from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I've found a nice quick way to add it compared to the hassle I put myself through the last time when I tried just gluing it straight away to the base.  This time, with the base already sanded, I rolled the wire around the handle of my hobby knife and made a line of superglue in the sand and laid it down into it.  Then I added a touch more super glue and sprinkled more sand on top which sets near instantly!  And with that my razor wire was set within a few seconds!

I've started using a Rustoleum sandable auto primer for my priming needs.  It work, it's even, it's cheap and reliable.  I've not had issues with it and I can always use my airbrush to lighten the color some more if needed. 

Now, these guys will likely take some time to complete, but I sometimes hate not knowing what will be up next for my army.  So I've taken some time and made a decision as to just what the next unit will be, and likely the next project for me overall.  With that, I leave you with this 'small hint'.

The Sons of Medusa force I've wanted since starting this army is slowly, but surely, coming together.  This is my largest force to date by the way, so it's always exciting to add more to it as I expand my 'record' to higher point values!