Random: Space Marine Painting WIP

Last night I decided today I would dust off my paints and actually work on a new canvas I found last night hiding in my hobby room.  Today, I got to it as I decided to go with a 40k themed piece just to play and have fun!  It's a simple enough composition with a marine at the high ready with his bolter and a very warm background. 

So far, I've gone in with a deep blue for the main color of the marines armor and just blocked everything out.  Trust me that this isn't anywhere near finished!  I just had to get everything mocked out where I wanted it and began thinking about how the final product is going to look with the reflections and coloring of some highlight spots.  There is still a ton more depth coming to the piece and I foresee a few more days spent on this one getting things just right.

The marines color should be almost ambiguous by the time I'm finished with him as the blue will really just become the shading of the armor where the red/yellow should take the highlight placements and transitions in between from there!  So stay tuned for what I hope will be a final photo of this fun little project finished!

I love painting, and I don't get to do it enough!  These smaller, one off paintings really help me learn a lot while letting me do whatever it is that I feel like at the time!  Oh and this will be for sale when it's done!