On The Table: SoM Assault Terminators

I love to add high value units to my armies.  One of the most expensive of those for the Space Marines is a full squad of terminators, and thankfully, they also just happen to be one of the most effective.  I just recently finished up a good amount of points in my Thunderhammer squad and my Lysander count as, Proetus.  To give myself some additional options, not to mention another squad, I'm going forward with a squad of lightning claw termies.  And thanks to all of the work I did on Proetus, I'm finding myself working on little additional details to each model.

Cleaning the chest piece off was the first thing I did on this guy.  This was the skull with wreath model, something I knew I didn't want for the model, so out came the hobby knife and off came the detail.  I plan to replace it with some cog freehand that should look really cool when it's on.  I'm up in the air as to put it on the top or bottom of the chest piece.  The wire around the neck is just guitar wire bent to shape and glued in place.  The green stuff ends give it a spot that looks plugged in.  I used a small piece of wire to push into the green stuff to add a little divot.

With this guy, I added another wire feed to the bionic eye and a rim of guitar wire to the shoulders.  The shoulder details are guitar wire, again with green stuff ends.  The eye wire is a florists wire bent to shape, the end glued into a hole I drilled into the top of the eyepiece with a pin vice.  The void was filled with greenstuff and shaped to ring the wire like a grommet.

With the sergeant I added a single double wire feed to the left claw.  This feed was made up of both guitar wire and florist wire.  The feed was capped with a greenstuff inlet and goes up and under the shoulder pad where it is just glued into place.  The left knee also caught a little greenstuff, a cog knee cap.  I pressed the greenstuff on, smoothed it out using my Colour Shapers and cut out the cogs with a hobby knife, then firmed up the edges with the shapers again.

This guy got single cables to his power claws, one on each side, that end with greenstuff inlets again.  The shoulder is a detail that I really really like, a sort of shoulder trophy ring.  The wire is floral wire glued in place and capped with greenstuff cogs.  The terminator honor was glued in place and given a hoop of greenstuff to connect it to the wire.  The front cog caught a purity seal of green stuff to help add some additional movement to the pose.

I made this shoulder rim out of thin plasticard and glued it into place.  The card left a little small void that I filled by pushing greenstuff under the card and cleaned up with the shapers and knife.  I also tried my hand at creating a chain around his neck that holds a terminator honor.  It came out well enough, if a little cludgy, but it shouldn't be too hard to clean up when I get to the paint. 

So far so good, and I can't wait to get to paint, but that might be a few days.  Looking forward to getting these guys on the battlefield.  For now, it's basing and primer coming up.  Stay tuned for more!