Field Report: Zorcons Imperial Dwelling

Digging around the web I was drawn into the blog Zorcon's Word by a thumbnail of what looked to be a great example of mixing homemade terrain and store bought 40k panels.  The thumbnail shot didn't lead me astray either, as when I clicked and got a close look, I found a fantastic looking building with functionality and design in mind. 

The building comes apart, and there are places for models to stand along the stairway that doesn't look out of place in the slightest!  The use of space between the Cities of Death panels is just right and adds a much needed respite from the over-detailing that is usually prevalent in the kits.  The balsa looks fantastic and makes good use of layering to create an almost ornate look.  And at first I thought it was moulding panel cut to size! 

Be sure you head over to Zorcon's Word and check out what he's up to with this building, along with some more shots of the thing pulled apart

I love finding terrain around the web.  It's usually one of the first things I look to when it comes to casual browsing.  It also makes me want to break out the bigger tools and get working on a table and terrain set of my own!