Reinforcements: Assault Terminator

To help me get things mocked out for my squad of assault terminators, I decided to go ahead with a single model from the group and paint him up fully.  The big reason was to test the idea I had for my lightning claws.  I wanted them to fit the rest of the close combat weapons in the army but keep them interesting enough to catch your eye. 

In the end, I went with my typical washing method for metallics using Badab Black over a chainmail base color and touched them back up to add depth with another hit of chainmail.  Then I went back in with Devlin Mud along the knuckles and attachment points for the claws.  I went back into the blades and added thinned glazes of Chaos Black to add a shade along the blade, fading it out to the points.  I took chainmail and added scratches to the blades and other spots on the claws. 

Thanks to the shoulder ring, I had to do the chapter badge 100% freehand.  Not exactly fun times, but it's always a good exercise!  And speaking of the trophy ring, I'm extremely satisfied with how it came out!

Now it's on to the next four models from the squad that I have plans to get done all at once via batch painting.  Stay tuned, as I hope to them done sometime in the next week!